Summer Camp

Step Together runs a summer camp for children and adults with special needs during the months of July and August. The camp welcomes children and adults mostly from the Gulf countries and Europe coming from Kuwait, Dubai, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and France. Summer camp includes the facility of a full boarding basis or the daily option. The camp is run and supervised by experts and experienced teachers together with coordinators along with volunteering educators.

The Summer Camp programs offer a range of individualized services to help children and adults with specific physical, emotional, intellectual, behavioral, or medical challenges. The rhythm along with the camp activity program stimulates all opportunities including singing, playing, interacting and participating in handcrafts, arts, nature walks as well as outdoors trips. Participants are grouped according to age and intellectual abilities, emphasizing independent living and social interactive skills.

Step Together Summer Camp provides a nurturing and a dynamic community where students with diverse special needs learn to work together with a professional team. The camp offers the opportunity for every individual to experience an independent and a healthy life throughout a creative and a fun atmosphere that help them challenge a brighter and a transformative future.

Summer Camp Activities

The activities include trips, swimming, horseback riding and individualized educational, artistic and therapeutic plans; it also includes daily and independent living skills. Participants are given the opportunity to acquire practical competence through different fun programs.

Areas of Development

Social and Behavioral skills
Functional Independent Living skills
Workshop skills: gardening, wood, pottery, candle making and animal care
Art activities: painting, form drawing, music and performing art
Motor skills and sports activities: swimming, horseback riding, football
Motor skills and sports activities: swimming, horseback riding, football


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