Professional Development

The Curative Education and Social Therapy Council and the Medical Section in Goetheanum recognize Step Together School of Curative Education as a training center for curative education. The Certificate Program in Curative Education at Step Together is a three-year program, which aims to provide professional training and certification in Curative Education.


While teachers face many challenges and threats in Lebanon due to political and economic instability and insecurity, Step Together offers a – Teacher Training Program in Curative Education in order to support teachers on all levels, whether spiritually, theoretically or practically.

Our teacher-training program helps our instructors pursue a certificate in curative education. It mainly serves as a reference for participants who have questions regarding requirements, curriculum, procedures and assessment. It also aims to benefit novice and experienced teachers.

Successful graduates are issued one of the following two certificates:

Practical Certificate endorsed by Step Together

Curative Education Certificate endorsed by the International Council for Curative Education & Social Therapy

Three levels of certification are available:

• Certificate of Completion of Level I (after year 1)
• Certificate of Completion of Level II (after year 2)
• Curative Education Certificate/ Practical Certificate (after year 3)

The participants’ will, feelings and thoughts are all taken into consideration during all the training program’s activities, courses and workshops to account for their personal development. Another important factor is class commitment and completing the required assignments to account for professional development. What’s more, training is integrated with practice and takes place within the Step Together setting and community.


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