Step Together Association is located by the riverside of Mansourieh Al Daishounieh, a mere 15 minutes’ drive from downtown Beirut, a venue that lies amidst a peaceful environmentally protected area, surrounded by trees, mountains and water. It is in this serenity setting that we choose to cater for our students, up to 200 individuals of different needs of all ages.

Our mission aims to improve each of our students’ quality of life through love, acceptance, and individualized instruction and therapy. Our educational methods, inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of holistic curative education, are designed to enhance the physical and mental capabilities, including their social and communication skills, thus empowering them to participate in their local communities. Our work also involves monitoring the health of our special needs while extending emotional and psychological support to their families, helping them to strengthen their bonding with their children. Step Together Association strives to create an effective environment, be it creative or practical, that can favor our children to contribute into a society on an equal footing with human rights as everybody else.

The future depends on what we do in the presentMahatma Gandhi

Step Together community is a place of hope, where every member learns to love and to give. Our mission is to maintain a relationship of respect and acceptance towards all human beings. It is also about inspiring integrity and awakening moral and social responsibility.
Step Together’s special identity is evident in the natural environment, its eco-friendly buildings, the chosen colors and elements in the different classes.
In education, our mission is to impart purpose and direction into the lives of our students with special needs so that they can become active citizens who are able to contribute to the larger society in their own unique way.

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