Organic Architecture

Waldorf education accords a particular importance to the architecture of its schools. Organic architecture brings a lifestyle that promotes harmony between the human being and the natural world. This is achieved through a construction approach that aims to be sympathetic and well-integrated, designed to be softer and human-friendly. The scope of Rudolf Steiner’s conviction that a living architecture can have a healing effect as far as into the moral constitution of the human being is becoming increasingly clear. A good school building is an expression of the soul and spiritual life of a specific community. In fact, the living architecture develops spatial qualities with curved surfaces, all walls matching the colors of earth and our planet. Based on these principles, Step Together has been shaped.

Nature & Natural

The importance of a natural environment is crucial as it imposes the absence of plastic, keeping in touch with nature and natural substance. Our toys and academic tools are all made of natural materials and are crafted to allow maximum scope for creative use in children’s play and learning. All painted with rich natural colors, they contribute to the child’s “sense of life”. These natural open-ended objects stimulate the students’ imagination and build both their fine and gross motor skills. The child’s sense of wonder is fostered through interaction with nature and involvement in everyday human activity. Getting in touch with a portion of our earth creates an atmosphere of warmth and guidance that promotes joy, wonder and reverence in our children development. A child is much more likely to feel reverence for a beautiful handcrafted toy than for a mass-produced plastic one.

Green Planet

Steiner schools strongly value environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. This is evident, not only throughout the curriculum, but in all aspects of school management. Environmental approach stimulates the students’ foundation in understanding and appreciating the world around them. The prime purpose of environmental contact is to develop awareness for the beauty of life in all its manifestations. Protection of the environment led us to recycling. Students in every class recycle papers which are trashed and this protocol takes place regularly. Enabling students to become supporters for our fragile planet cannot be done simply through instruction by a teacher but rather through developing an early and sustained connection to the earth. If we’re going to save our planet, it requires people with a strong relationship to it.
We believe that through our approach in educating students, we nurture a level of environmental stewardship to our children primarily and our community as a whole. We trust that this level of relationship to the earth is vital to our future, for the people that will hopefully find new ways to address the damage we are currently doing to our planet.


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