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Step Together Association offers a comprehensive along with a holistic approach to education, care, and therapy for around 200 special needs with learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities and different levels of autism, ranging in ages between 3 to 60 years old. With a strong view to achieve our goals, we have partnered with Ruskin mill trust; this partnership will allocate more research in the Arab world though exchange of teachers and students.

Step Together Association strives to create a beneficial environment, be it creative and practical, that can empower its students and enable them to join and contribute into societies on an equal footing with humankind.

Step Together has a dedicated team of teachers and staff, which is committed to delivering a high quality education, working via an understanding of the rhythms and needs of a developing child, following Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. Members of our staff also work on their own self-development through conferences and training courses in curative education.
High value is placed on teaching and learning through the arts and movement as an integral part of all learning experiences. These activities enhance the will and senses of every child and support the development of flexible and creative thinking. Whenever possible, all subjects are introduced in an artistic way or through practical experience, so concrete always precedes abstract. It is through careful observation that we learn about every child’s needs and capacities.

Step Together is part of a global educational movement following the Steiner/Waldorf educational principles that can to be adapted to the needs of different ethnicities, cultures, and religions.
Curriculum content allows for the exploration of a wide variety of cultural traditions and worldviews.
We are part of the worldwide movement Friends of the Waldorf Education in Berlin and our teacher-training program is accredited by the International Council of Curative Education in Dornach, Switzerland. Step Together is the only registered school and community in the Middle East that follows the principles of Rudolf Steiner.

We offer academic remedial, prevocational and vocational programs, as well as therapeutic care, for children and adults with special needs. The academic section, known as Rudolf Steiner School, is registered with the Ministry of Education and gives some of our students the opportunity to integrate into mainstream education after their graduation. We also offer job opportunities for our graduating students in our workshops. We have six different programs catered to meet individual requirements for those with special needs. These programs combine traditional academic and vocational subject matters, presented through artistic work and hands on teaching experiences.

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