Assessment and Diagnostic Unit (ADU)

Description of the Unit

The Assessment and Diagnostic Unit (ADU) at Step Together offers a comprehensive evaluation of students with special needs. The staff and evaluators in the unit are professional people specialized in the special education and paramedical fields. They are dedicated to understanding each individual’s learning needs, capabilities, styles, strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation will guide both parents and caregivers at the center towards finding better ways to support their child’s overall individual, educational and therapeutic needs.

The multidisciplinary team includes

  • Neuropsychologist
  • Special Educator
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Psychomotor Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Psychologist

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The unit offers the following tests

Assessment Area

Major Skills Assessed

Neuropsychological Assessment Cognitive functions: Intellectual Ability- Executive Functions, Attention, Memory, and Spatial-Perceptual Skills.
Achievement Assessment Potential skills and knowledge in grade-related academic areas: Critical-thinking and Problem Solving skills, Abstract-Reasoning Skills, Numeric Abilities, Literacy Skills.
Speech & Language Assessment Verbal and non-verbal communication skills, Oral-Linguistic Skills, Pre-requisite-literacy Skills, Oral –Motor and Swallowing Skills, Reading and Writing Language Strategies, Logical and Mathematical Reasoning.
Psychomotor Assessment

Fine-Motor (Praxia)Skills, Spatial and Time Skills, Gross-Motor Skills,

Graph motor Skills, Bodily-Schema Skills, Attention and Concentration Skills, Eye-Hand Coordination, Muscle-Tone, Lateralization Skills.

Occupational Assessment Functional Skills: Fine-motor Skills, Visual-Motor Skills, Perceptual-Motor Skills, Gross-Motor Skills, Sensory Processing Skills, Mobility Skills, Adaptive Skills.
Physical Assessment Functional Skills-Gross-Motor Skills, Balance and Posture Skills, Muscle-Tone Skills, Muscle-Tightness, Skeletal Dexterity.
Psychological Assessment Behavioral and Social Skills- Inter-personal Communication Skills- Intra personal- Concentration and Focus Skills- Openness- Consciousness- Emotion-Regulation Skills.


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