Strategic plan for Step Together

5 year plan

With exacting standards, we set our vision correspondingly high. This year we have put in place strategic indicators to foresee the challenges and to measure our developments across the future:

A Galvanic Place to Live: our obligation to maintain the uppermost standard of care and safety for individuals on the micro and macro levels while supporting a meaningful involvement with the larger community. Step together is not only a school but a community of living and sharing experiences.

An Embracing Place to Learn: a holistic curriculum that meets and develops the unique capacity of every individual where art is education. A place where learning is fun and interesting. Learning is done based on practices, creation and communication.

A Rousing Place to Work: the necessity in empowering individuals to acquire a sense of purpose and willingness to contribute meaningfully to their societies. Our role is to build their self-confidence by helping them become determined human beings.

Making a difference

The Humanistic Approach

Our humanistic approach adopts the Rudolf Steiner philosophy. Dr. Steiner was interested in the spiritual dimension of the educational process and developed many ideas for caring and supporting children and adults with special needs. He founded the philosophy of Anthroposophy or “the study of the wisdom of man,” which is explored through inner development and self-consciousness. With respect to human values, it emphasizes the uniqueness of every individual to help them become independent and determined human beings. When we speak about humanity, we aim to nurture healthy and respectful relationships in a community life where honesty, gratitude and kindness are the ultimate values.

Education & Therapy

Our community is a vibrant place and an inspiring venue of learning for both young students and adults with special needs. Based on the understanding of the human being, we provide competent and skilled support to heal complex cases. We bring a passion for learning to all of our students, whether in the primary school, vocational or prevocational programs. This has become our trademark because the passion stays with every student throughout a lifetime. Our curriculum is broad and holistic and extends to the world outside the classroom as it meets art, nature and all the society elements. With exacting standards, we employ specialized tools with creative, artistic and significant methods.

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Professional Development

As part of the school perpetual development program, we provide teacher and parental trainings including self- evaluation, collegial communities of practice and intensive dialogue. The training allows practitioners to explore their professional biography, to introduce new impulses to life and to shape a more humanistic and inclusive society.

Inclusion & Community

Amongst distinct roles that we undertake, our prime responsibility remains centered in the community life. This is why we continually foster a sense of belonging in the community, at the same time stimulating interest in the outside world. By doing so, we encourage special needs to becoming independent, confident and resilient. Mostly, we prepare them to be integrated in the society and to live with dignity. Whatever path they may choose, we make sure to equip them with the mental and emotional skills necessary for a successful life.

Environment Protection & Economic Sustainability

Step Together is a rewarding place to be. We provide workshops on our premises enabling adults to perform various crafts and skills. We start hands-on and experiential learning at a young age, allowing them to strengthen their will. As we believe in the power of Nature, we work strictly with natural materials in all the classrooms. We encourage the recycling of all trash to protect our green environment and to safeguard the habitat of animals.


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