About Us

“The future depends on what we do in the present”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Step Together community is a place of hope, where every member learns to love and to give. Our mission is to maintain a relationship of respect and acceptance towards all human beings. It is also about inspiring integrity and awakening moral and social responsibility.

Step Together’s special identity is evident in the natural environment, its eco-friendly buildings, the chosen colors and elements in the different classes.

In education, our mission is to impart purpose and direction into the lives of our students with special needs so that they can become active citizens who are able to contribute to the larger society in their own unique way.

How do we do this?

– By having the courage to push through the challenges and encouraging social change in communities
– By thinking creatively, responsibly and reflectively
– By accepting the differences in religions, learning needs and ways of thinking
– By caring for the physical, emotional and mental health of ourselves and others
– By caring for our community and the ecological environment
– By taking action to contribute to the wellbeing of others

Step Together has a dedicated team of teachers and staff, which is committed to delivering a high quality education, working via an understanding of the rhythms and needs of a developing child, following Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. Members of our staff also work on their own self-development through conferences and training courses in curative education.

High value is placed on teaching and learning through the arts and movement as an integral part of all learning experiences. These activities enhance the will and senses of every child and support the development of flexible and creative thinking. Whenever possible, all subjects are introduced in an artistic way or through practical experience, so concrete always precedes abstract. It is through careful observation that we learn about every child’s needs and capacities.

Step Together is part of a global educational movement. There are currently over 1,000 Steiner/Waldorf schools and 1,600 kindergartens, as well as 120 Camphill communities in almost 70 countries worldwide.

The principles that are fundamental to the Steiner/Waldorf educational system are accessible to and are able to be adapted to the needs of different ethnicities, cultures, and religions.
Curriculum content allows for the exploration of a wide variety of cultural traditions and worldviews.
We are part of the worldwide movement Friends of the Waldorf Education in Berlin and our teacher-training program is accredited by the International Council of Curative Education in Dornach, Switzerland. Step Together is the only registered school and community in the Middle East that follows the principles of Rudolf Steiner.