Step Together Association is located in Daychounieh, Mansourieh, a mere 15 minutes’ drive from downtown Beirut and lies amidst an environmentally protected area surrounded by trees, mountains and rivers.

It is in this calm and pleasant environment that we teach, and care for our students of different needs. Currently, Step together Association caters to around 200 students of all ages.

Our mission aims to improve each of our students’ quality of life through love, acceptance, and individualized instruction and therapy. Our educational methods, inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of holistic curative education, are designed to enhance the physical and mental capabilities of our students, including their social and communication skills; thus empowering and enabling them to participate in their local communities.

Our work further involves monitoring the health of our students and extending the emotional and psychological support to their families, via working directly with the parents in regular meetings to provide them with help and guidance on how to communicate with their children.
In summary, Step Together Association strives to create an effective environment, be it creative and/or practical, that can empower our students and enable them to join and contribute to society on an equal footing with almost everybody else.