The Vocational Program

The vocational program is designed for the age of Eighteen years old and above, and aims to facilitates the transition from regular specialized education to future adult placement.
The vocational program is open to all students at the school and is also available as a transitional course for other young students with special needs. The courses are adapted to meet each individual’s needs and potentials aiming at building and extending the skills needed for adult placement.
It extends over 3-4 years period during which 8 craft-workshops are completed.
The students are given the opportunity to move from one workshop to another and are encouraged to develop numeracy, literacy, communication, as well as fine and gross motor skills.
The program also enhances the student’s awareness and develops his/her self-worth and identity necessary to render them productive individuals in the society.
Through engagement with the vocational curriculum that involves practical craft, students take part in individual programs designed especially to enable them to reach their maximum potential through working in small groups.
In the first and second years, the program develops clear thinking, emotional awareness as well as practical and academic skills. In the third, the focus shifts to a vocational pathway, work experience and job-readiness related skills.