Workshops From The Mineral Kingdom

Mosaic: In this workshop, students will create mosaic artifacts of different designs by placing colored cut stones inside a wooden or pottery frame which they have previously prepared in the wood workshop. These artifacts include coasters, placemats, tea boxes and trays.
Benefits: Improves motor skills; enhances imagination and creativity.


Pottery and Clay Workshop: Here students understand and carry out basic pottery techniques. They are either given the chance to work on a task individually or as part of a group. They work with different types of clay, are introduced to different tools, and learn how to apply different design patterns and decorations to complete their pottery items. The items include bowls, vases, jugs and pots.
Benefits: Pottery is a valuable therapeutic activity which improves fine motor skills, builds up confidence, motivates, and boosts enthusiasm.


Bead Making: Students will use recycled colored bottles and glass to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
Benefits: Enhances concentration as well as the concept of recycling and protecting the environment.


Candle making: In this workshop candles of different shapes and sizes are made for use in the classrooms, residential activities and celebrations, as well as sold in Bazaars and events.
Benefits: Candle making gives the students the feeling of being productive, as well as provides a relaxing and spiritual atmosphere.