Workshops From The Animal Kingdom

Weaving Workshop: Here students learn different weaving techniques. According to their abilities, they are involved in making useful fabric items such as tablecloths, blankets, small carpets, and cushions. The basic knowledge for weaving is learnt under the guidance and demonstration of the teacher who explains the process of alternating over and under thread using different types of looms. If the students have the skills and the interest, they are encouraged to develop color appreciation in the weaving process and improve their skills.
Benefits: Weaving enhances the students’ fine motor skills, improves their level of patience, and increases their concentration.

Felting: An activity that is easy to learn. It involves creating textile material using warm, soapy water and rhythmical movement of the hands over wool fibers. The end result felted piece can be decorated or sewn into a variety of objects, such as purses, clothing, bags, dolls, toys and other creative and useful items. The students are encouraged to participate in all stages of the process each according to his skills and abilities.
Benefits: By Shaping, making or creating colorful patterns and pictures with the wool, students express their own feelings and creativity. Felt work entails concentration and direct application of will. It has a restful and calming effect and can stimulate a warm and peaceful working atmosphere.

Sewing/Embroidery: Students will learn how to make tablecloths, American table sets, Pencil bags, then embroider these items with decorative cross stitch designs and shapes.
Benefits: Sewing and embroidery improve motor skills and help students to build and enhance the counting activity, emphasizing logic and direction.