Workshops From The Plant Kingdom

Soap Making: Here the students will observe the process of soap making then learn how to carve different designs and shapes, decorate the soap bars with colorful beads and make beautiful soap hangers.
Benefits: Improves the sense of smell, develops coordination and imagination as well the willing forces while carving.

Basket Making: Here the students will learn how to make colorful designs of baskets, trays, hats, and crafts. Benefits: Develops students’ fine motor skills, creativity, and coordination as they learn to follow instructions and rhythms.

Bakery: In this work shop students will learn how to make dough and bake bread, toast, and pastries. They will also make delicious cakes, brownies, muffins, and ginger bread cookies.
Benefits: Improves students’ coordination and their ability to follow instructions in sequence. Develops their sense of touch, smell, and taste as well as the concept of measurement.

Paper-Making and Binding Workshop: The students work together shredding used paper into pieces, collecting them into a large bowl filled with water and then using the recycling safe instrument to remake paper. The recycled paper is later used in the craft workshops to create cards for different events (Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day…) which in turn are sold during Step Together’s different Bazaars. Moreover, one of the students’ most enjoyable workshops is the copybook binding. In this workshop, students design different size copybook covers with their own drawings then sort and bind them to make wonderful, useful, and practical copybooks of different sizes.
Benefits: Papermaking aims to establish teamwork, an awareness of the importance of recycling and the responsibility of contributing to save the environment.

Gardening: Students help in planting and growing fruits and vegetables for their small residential community. Groups of students are also responsible for caring and helping on the School’s Animal Farm.
Benefits: Gardening is an exciting activity that helps students to generally develop an interest in nature and in keeping the school’s garden in a good shape.

Distilling Workshops: The “Seed to Product” Workshops were established under the patronage of Minister Layla el Soleh on behalf of Al Waleed Bin Talal Humanitarian Association. The workshops include distilling Rose Water, Orange Blossom Water, and Sage etc…